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Mr. Aaron Bourke, Lawyer, NYC

"I stayed in The Cliff Lounge Guest House and enjoyed my stay immensely.  Set back from the busier beach front area, it offers a more secluded and private stay that still boasts a fantastic view of the Arabian Sea.  The room was the nicest I had experienced in Varkala, with a spacious double bed and attached bathroom.  The huge front window provided a cooling breeze that was especially refreshing during the monsoon rain.  Just as importantly, the room felt completely secure, so I never had to worry about leaving valuables behind.  The guesthouse also has a rooftop looking out over the sea. Of the places that I stayed in Varkala, Cliff Lounge provided by far the most pleasant experience".



Being situated very close to the sea, Varkala has a moderate climate, with heavy Rains during June-August due to the south-west monsoon. Winter starts from December and continues till February. In summer, the temperature rises to a maximum of 35°C and 25°C in the winters. Annual average rainfall is 310 cm.

Varkala boasts one of the most beautiful and sought after stretches of coastline in southern Kerala. As a result it has become a must for sun lovers and travellers who are searching for a lively high season scene,
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